• Moku & Noku

    A pair of mischievious bear-like creatures created by the No Problems Corp. to assist with work around the city. Though made to be helpful they are often found causing more trouble than anything. Noku, the white bear, constantly has a face that seems down as if to say "no more..." while Moku, the black bear, has a big grin as if to say "always more!" It is said that for extra hard jobs they can be seen combining in to a larger version of themself... that's MokuNoku!

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  • Chuck

    A young person with the characteristics of a skeleton... they were found in a dumpster with no memories and even stranger no jaw bone! Living in a small apartment with Bear, he tries to make the best of a regular daily life. Not a fan of seeing so many tiny bones in his fingers all the time, he tends to wear gloves regularly. Also he loves bubble tea but is unable to chew the tapioca due not his lack of jaw...

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  • Bear

    Oddly enough Bear (who's real name is supposedly ...) was found outside of the city by Chuck when on a hike... after which Bear followed him back to his apartment in the city. It is unclear whether or not Bear was once an inhabitant of the city or just a regular bear as they are unable to form full sentences and instead communicate mostly through bleps. They love sleeping and stuffing themselves with whatever food they can get their hands on.

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  • Rin

    A young woman with the characteristics of a sea monster and a go-getter attitude. She loves athletic activities, especially swimming! Currently roommates with Kap, though they are not related they share a bond of being aquatic-based creatures. Due to the large age-gap between them, Rin tends to think of Kap (and his best friend Kuro) as her younger brother(s).

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  • Kap

    A young boy with the characteristics of a kappa, he lost track of his family during the "NP Incident" and has lived in an apartment with Rin ever since. He tries to act cool but is easily embarrassed by others, especially his best friend Kuro who constantly visits his apartment (though he secretly loves doing activities with them). Kap tends to wear hats a lot to cover the bowl of water on his head.

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  • Kuro

    A young child with the characterstics of a three-eyed black bear. Kuro has the ability to see very slightly into the future due to their third eye, but is often unsure what to do with this information. They are best friends with Kap and love to go on adventures with him and Rin.

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  • Kandis

    A young man with the characteristics of a blue owl-like creature. Kandis is quite the homebody and is often easily frightened by his surroundings. He is romantically involved with Rose and, though he often wishes not to, will try new experiences with her encouragement.

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  • Rose

    A young woman with the characteristics of a pink owl-like creature. Rose is very outgoing person who loves trying new things and meeting new people. She is romantically involved with Kandis and has made it part of her mission to try and get him to experience life to the fullest.

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