Masks On!!!

Night Parade is an artist-owned creative studio that specializes in original apparel and merchandise.

Currently a solo project of David “Bonezzz” Flamm, Night Parade was founded in 2020 as a way to use his original characters and designs to make fun products that he wanted to use himself! This evolved into the hope of adapting these designs for a community where you can be the fantastical and wear the mask you want to wear.

Similar to the parades of Halloween, Night Parade is inspired by the mentality of letting your true-self show and walking together without fear—who knows what fun can happen after the sun goes down.

Currently based in the US, we do our best to make interesting, quality merchandise and we hope to inspire people to live free and wear fun stuff! The night is long, so let’s walk on together…

The Story of Night Parade

One night in the city of New Yamasea (NY) an unknown phenomena occurred, changing the appearance of all of the human residents.... everyone began to look like monsters and creatures of folklore! Though panic spread at first, the people of the city soon began to band together to create a new culture based around their unique appearances. This community was later deemed "The Night Parade", a term coined to represent the mentality of a community of unique individuals coming together to march as one.

The eye logo is an amalgamation of different symbols of the community: Horns and spikes for the unique appearance, a crown to symbolize rising above, and the eye itself representing a window to the soul--the person within.

Meet the Characters
  • No Problems Corp.

    Established shortly after the "NP Incident", No Problems Corp. has set themselves up as the group that will get the city back on its collective feet. They have helped the city in numerous ways, including with the creation of the helpers "Moku" & "Noku". Their motto is "Together we have No Problems!"

    No Problems Corps. Products 
  • Soular Power

    A logo seen more often graffitied on the walls of the city, Soular Power represents a common mentality within the people of NY. With the ever-changing outer appearances of the citizens, looking inward has become even more important. On the greyest day a bright soul can still provide a little light... after all, what's more powerful than a soul?

    Soular Power Products 
  • 2332

    A local fitness-wear brand that seems to be all the rage with the health obsessed of NY.

    2332 Products